Our Services & Treatments Available

At MA Chiropractic & Rehab, we offer treatments that can be custom tailored for many types of conditions to each individual needs.  Conditions which are treatable at our practice include:
§  Whiplash Injuries
§  Automobile Injuries
§  Workmen’s Compensation Injuries
§  Neck Pain
§  Lower Back Pain
§  Headaches
§  Upper Back Pain
§  Low Back Pain
§  Shoulder Pain
§  Numbness & Tingling
§  Knee Pain
§  Ankle Pain
§  Scoliosis
§  Sports Injuries
§  Abnormal spinal curves
§  Plantar Fasciitis
§  Kyphosis
§  Sciatica
§  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
§  Herniated/Degenerative Discs
§  Elbow Tendonitis
§  Arthritis
§  Herniated Discs
§  Pinched Nerves
§  Fibromyalgia
§  Back pain due to pregnancy
§  And many, many, more!
An individual treatment plan is required for each patient.  Treatment planning requires an understanding that each client is unique and each treatment plan must be developed based on the individual needs to begin the healing process using one or more of the following treatments:
§  Chiropractic Technique
§  Massage Therapy
§  Cervical Traction
§  Intersegmental
§  Electrical Stimulation
§  Diathermy
§  Ultrasound
§  Ice and Heat Therapy
§  Stretching
§  Exercise
Although some of these treatments may not sound meaningful, we will explain in layman terms each individual treatment that we recommend for you to get your health back on track.  So don’t be shy, give us a call or just walk-in to our chiropractor’s clinic in Old Town Fairfax any time with no appointment necessary.